Crisis management



Who am I?


ER nurse

Hospital at Aalst - Belgium

In August 2012 I started as a passionate and motivated nurse on the local Emergency Room. This job gives me the keys to turn chaos into order and take fast and crucial decissions when it matters.

Hospital disaster coördinator

Hospital at Aalst - Belgium

Since Juli 2017 I work as a coördinator for prevention and threatement of possible hospital disasters. I write down plans, organise exercices and made contacts at the local governement. I achieved this by graduating at the University of Leuven.

Emergency Vehicles


VZW MEDOV - East Flanders

Since Juli 2019 I am appointed as Adj. Dir. Med. for the province East-Flanders. Here I fullfill a job to coördinate all medical components when a disaster occurs. (Evacuations, explosions, terror attacks, ...) This job gives me the skills needed to approach a crisis and threat it accordingly. I am under employment of the federal governement.


The new me!

The experience that i gathered in my job(s) offer a big contribution to the ability of company screening. Thanks to the skills and my certificate as a crisismanager I can assure the right kind of support for your company.


What do I offer?


Hour, month or year

All tasks appointed wil be in mutual agreement. The most important ones are:

  1. Crisis prevention

  2. Crisis threatement

  3. Crisis evaluation

Other tasks that can be fullfilled are risk analyses, education, excercices, writing of a emergency plan,...

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Is your company lost in the woods?

After an interview with the management, the different parts of the organisation and the stakeholders I will perform a screening with an advice for your company.

Also for sport teams!

Contact for more information




Negotiable and combinable with trainings offered by partners

As a company you ask yourself: how can we prepare for a crisis? How do we coop with it? and how do we process the whole crisis?

During these session I give your management the necessary tools so future problems wont become a crisis. 

Training subjects

  • Kinds of organisations.

  • Stakeholders during crisis.

  • Moment before a crisis.

  • Moment during a crisis.

  • Moment after a crisis.

  • When is it succesfull?

  • Communication.

  • Time management.


IBAN BE58 1030 3540 6179
BTW nummer: BE0555.724.183

Meuleschettestraat 84
9300 Aalst

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